Wednesday, August 18, 2010

On Attending a First Baha'i Study Circle: It was interesting to tease out what certain words meant to each person

Forgot to mention, last Sunday evening I went to my first Baha'i study circle meeting. There were only three of us, including the leader, but there may be additional people joining up. I enjoyed it very much. It consisted of us using a workbook to read various quotes from their prophet and/or his son, and answering questions about them, like what the quotes meant on a deep level. It was interesting to tease out what certain words meant to each person; no two (or should I say, three) perspectives were alike. The other non-leader participant was kind of cute. I think he is of Iranian descent though he grew up in the states. He's divorced, so hey, he might be available! But hey, I am not looking for romance, so it's just fine if he's not, or if I'm not his type, or whatever!! :-)
This spiritual seeker after truth writes of attending her first Baha'i study circle. She is also studying Judaism, and has been attending a Unitarian Universalitst workshop on creating your own theology. A few weeks later she is studying the Baha'i writings about detachment and posting about that. But first, an appropriate photo from flickr with cutline. -gw
By "accident" I bought some new clothes yesterday. >__> I meant to go out and buy one dress that I liked, but I ended up buying half a new wardrobe. Oopsie? Anyway, my closet seems to be getting more crowded. (The closet is actually bigger; I just had trouble opening the doors all the way today...)

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I am reading some Baha'i writings, and they talk quite a bit about detachment - not being wrapped up in the material things of this world, that are temporary and ultimately meaningless. As I look about my bedroom, overrun by dirty clothes bags (even as my closet overflows with clean clothes), I realize how misplaced my value of clothes (and shoes, which have also taken over my apartment) has been. In an effort to fill an empty place inside, and/or motivated by manic frenzies in which I wanted every pretty thing to wear that I saw, I have amassed more clothes than 10 women could ever need in a lifetime. Or worse. I can't even find any of my jeans in my mountains of dirty clothes, so I can't do "casual week" at my workplace. Now, THAT is definitely a sign that I have way too many clothes!

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