Sunday, July 18, 2010

On What Will Happen in 2012: Superstitious people will become more superstitious

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Birth, old age, sickness, death will occur perhaps at a higher rate. And superstitious people will become more superstitious.

Source: ExperienceProject

The prophecies of Buddha Sakyamuni about Maitreya Buddha have been fulfilled.

The prophecies of Moses about Christ have been fulfilled.

The prophecies of Christ about His return as the Comforter have been fulfilled.

The prophecies of Muhammad about the Mihdi have been fulfilled.

The prophecies of all religions about the Universal Saviour have been fulfilled.

Those diverse and complicated prophecies commonly promise the Advent of the one and same Holy Spirit, Who had appeared from Age to Age, in the physical temples of those Divine Prophets. Only He Himself can interpret convincingly again and again His prophecies. ...

There might be great catasthropes in the next decade due to environmental changes and confrontations of various groups of fundamentalists. But the strong movement of the people of good will push the reconstruction of the world, at high speed, with newer means of communications and newer construction technologies. Behold! How many great organizations and societies are working actively on the international fields of economic, educational, scientific, cultural and social endeavours.

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