Sunday, July 18, 2010

On the Grass of the Field: Wherein I satisfy my hunger for beauty

Thus Jesus, Son of Mary, whilst seated one day and speaking in the strain of the Holy Spirit, uttered words such as these: “O people! My food is the grass
of the field, wherewith I satisfy my hunger. My bed is the dust, my lamp in the night the light of the moon, and my steed my own feet. Behold, who on earth is richer than I?” By the righteousness of God! Thousands of treasures circle round this poverty, and a myriad kingdoms of glory yearn for such abasement! Shouldst thou attain to a drop of the ocean of the inner meaning of these words, thou wouldst surely forsake the world and all that is therein, and, as the Phoenix wouldst consume thyself in the flames of the undying Fire.
Jamie Frank took the above picture on his back porch in Tacoma the other day. Bonita took the one below while camping in Eastern Washington last month and included it in a recent blog post on Flitzy Phoebie. -gw

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