Wednesday, July 14, 2010

On My Good News About My Being Hacked Today: It's just a normal hacking situation

Today Deb called me at work to say Baha'i Views had been hacked. She reads BV content on, the blog on my own domain hosted by LunarPages. There is an earlier permutation, Baha'i Views on Blogger. The newest version is on Posterous. So there are three places to get Baha'i Views content, and only one of them has been down today.
I've never had my blog hacked before, that I know of. I've had my bahaiviews Twitter account taken over briefly by a porn spammer, but that just doesn't count. Does this one count? Have I arrived as a blogger?
I checked with a very knowledgeable and friendly resource who sized up the hacker's handiwork and then wrote:
The text is Arabic and it does not say anything bad about the Faith.
It's a normal hacking situation.
He assured me that LunarPages would be able to get things straightened out.
It seems it is just the home page that has been replaced.
And then he offered up this complement.
Well, you know you are gaining prominence when you get hacked!
So thank you, hacker. You made my day. -gw

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