Tuesday, July 27, 2010

On Following Baha'i Content on Every Level: There is no "other level" that you inhabit when you believe in God

Is Religion Special?

on The Opinionator from 1 hour ago

I appreciated this column. As an atheism-leaning agnostic who shared a wonderful relationship with a woman of extreme devotion to the Baha'i faith for many years, my comments ahead stem from my experiences.

I can understand why its tempting to view mere secular tolerance and religious commitment as different levels of commitment. I understand why you would claim that religion is more than simply a "viewpoint" and that secularism's imposition of neutrality can stifle the very core of what religious faith aims toward: its sense of GOOD beyond a balancing of worldly values.

After all, you see this multi-level approach in legal opinions, historical texts, ethics treatises, and it also has some intuitive appeal.

But I think that multi-level approach is wrong.

There is no "other level" that you inhabit when you believe in God; if you believe, God infuses everything. And there is no "other level" you inhabit when you care, love, ponder, and direct your mind to the greater good.

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