Tuesday, June 01, 2010

On the Value of Being Sweet and Gentle: And asking tough questions

We must find a path in which it is not offensive to [ask] politely and sweetly and gently with big smiles to everybody in sight, what is the authority?
Baha'i bloggers have special opportunities to practice "pollite forms of speech," to use Peter Khan's phrase from his recent talk on subjects much broader than mere blogging. Baha'is walk a sometimes "difficult path." "We need not be too hyper-sensitive" to the responses we get. Well-meaning souls may ascribe to the Faith ideas that are, in fact, spurious. We need to be prepared to raise the question, what is the reference, what is the authority to back up what is said about the Baha'i Faith? The question of authentic religious authority is crucial, Peter pointed out. Just look at the fractured history of religion. The Baha'i Faith is textually based.
We need a culture that protects the integrity of the authority of the House of Justice by politely and kindly and quietly asking for the reference, but get a fencer's mask when you start doing that.

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