Tuesday, June 15, 2010

On the Tacoma Invaders vs the Northwest Terminators: The other football giving meaning to the human experience, too

I have been madly processing the photos and videos, more than 500 altogether, I took at last Saturday night's exciting Tacoma Invader's football game. I've skinnied down the total and have finally uploaded to Flickr the 252 photos which are now in the set below. I have probably only a quarter of the video up, so there is a lot more uploading to go. I haven't included any video clips into the set yet, but I will do so when I have them all to work with. My goal is to replicate what I did after the previous Invader's game I attended, putting the photos and videos together into slideshow form. so you can view the chronological march of the game from beginning to end, quarter by quarter. Really, I love what you can do with Flickr slideshows.

It was my friend Charles, who is a co-general manager of the team and a Baha'i, who got me into following the Invaders in the first place. Attending the games and taking n the crowd, msot of whom are family and friends of players on the field, provides a window into a fascinating cultural experience. Whereas at the moment of this writing the eyes of the people all around the globe are focused on another kind of football, the World Cup of soccer being played in South Africa, the American version of football is uniting souls and giving meaning to their lives. Sport has a unique place in the human experience.

The game was played on a brilliantly sunny evening starting after 6 p.m. It ended just before 10 p.m. under the lights. Here is my first installment on the game. -gw

Here are the links to previous Tacoma Invaders football pics I took...


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