Tuesday, June 15, 2010

On Attaining The Dynamics of Growth: Entire Baha'i photo series is online

Photos & text copyright Baha'i World Centre
In urban centers and rural villages,
in homes, schools, businesses, and community centers across the globe, Bahá’ís hailing from every walk of life are engaged, as members of growing, vibrant communities, in promoting at the grassroots the well-being of the entire human race. Through a series of activities involving children, junior youth, youth, and adults, these citizens of the world are rallying their friends and neighbors, their families and co-workers to participate in the transformation of society. The vital spirit of these efforts has been captured in a collection of images from every continent, which you are invited to view here.

Nothing conveys the reality of Baha'i life like pictures. Nothing conveys the secret to the vigorous growth of the Baha'i Communty like the photos included in Attaining the Dynamics of Growth that document the core activities in place around the world. Thanks for the reminder, Alex. -gw
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You may already be familiar with the document from the Baha'i World Center on Attaining the Dynamics of Growth...

Are you aware of this page on the bahai.org site?



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