Monday, June 14, 2010

On Soulpancake the Book: A spin-off from to be published soon

Sometimes when I'm searching for inspiration I like to go to Soul Pancake. Usually, I'll find a thought or question that'll provoke a response that'll end up being the spark for something.

Today it's this question: Does there have to be a reason for everything?

Is it necessary for everything within a belief system to fundamentally trace back to a creator or a genesis or even a big bang, a huge raison d'etre for everything? Or can we handle the idea that some things might exist independently of an owner and a cause?
The word on the street is that Soul Pancake will be coming out as a book. -gw
  • Since its launch in the spring of 2009, has already had more than 2 million visitors, more than 6.4 million pageviews, more than 100,000 visitors per month, and more than 27,000 registered users. 
  • SoulPancake follows the site's bold, conversational tone and will feature 80% original material, as well as a series of artistic challenges that give the reader an outlet to express creativity.
  • Rainn Wilson has nearly 2 million followers on Twitter, where he frequently mentions SoulPancake.

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