Monday, June 14, 2010

On Poised to Censure: U.N. Rights Council prepared to name and shame Iran

On the heels of the trial of the seven Baha'i Leaders which appears to have ended after a 4th session on Saturday is the news of this action by the United Nations Human Rights Council. -gw
The draft text voices concern at "events including the violent suppression of dissent, detention and executions without due process of law, severe discrimination against women and minorities including people of the Baha'i faith and restrictions on freedom of expression and religion".

Tehran should allow freedoms of expression, of the media and of assembly, protect religious minorities, respect prisoners' rights and ensure equal treatment of women and girls, it reads, also calling for Iran to conduct "an independent investigation" into killings, arrests and detentions since the elections.

The text also urges Iran to make good on its promise to allow visits by U.N. human rights investigators.

"It is a strong political statement," said one activist.

The 47-member Human Rights Council, dominated by developing nations wary of interference in their own records, rarely "names and shames" states.

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