Tuesday, June 01, 2010

On Meditational Camping: Appreciating the clear guidance for Baha'is

I took the current issue of the American Baha'i with me on our camping trip over the weekend. Gorgeous issue, as usual! I studied the Ridvan 2010 Message from the Universal House of Justice included in it, the Ruhi book on the Covenant, and other deepening materials, which I also brought along. It was a glorious experience reading in the tent while Bonita cooked up scrumptious East Indian food for our lunch. We had listened to a recording of the talk by recently retired member of the Universal House of Justice member Peter Khan at the Baha' National Convention on the drive over to Eastern Washington. I feel so grounded in the Covenant, so blessed. There is such clear guidance for Baha'is. If we have a question, there are institutions whose function and purpose are clearly defined by the Central Figures of our Faith to which we can turn. Even when I have a question about blogging as a Bahai, I can request guidance (where I live, the Office of Communications at the U.S. Baha'i National Center), which can come instantly, thanks to e-mail. -gw

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