Wednesday, May 05, 2010

On Further Study: Two Baha'i study circles

To my surprise, I was invited afterward to a home visit with "Jeff", a gentleman contacted recently who said he felt the Baha'is were guided to his door, as the Baha'i message seems to be something which he needs right now. He was warm, friendly, and spiritually deepened and had much to add to the scriptures we studied on the subject of honesty.

Because I was surprised to end up the day in this lovely study class, I was reminded of lyrics by Gerry Rafferty: "who knows what the day will bring, it can bring anything. Who knows if we'll still be here--we could be there.

"There is a verse by Baha'u'llah which I have always found touching, and I offered a song based on that verse, feeling that there are so many jewels hiding in our communities, waiting for us to meet each other. [Regard man as a mine, rich in gems . . . ~ Baha'u'llah.]

The song I offered:To gather jewels have I come to this world. If one speck of a jewel lie hid in a stone, and that stone be beyond the seven seas, until I have found and secured that jewel, my hand shall not stay from its rest.~ Baha'u'llah

Two circles,one purpose. -gw

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