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On Roxanna Saberi on NPR: Locked up with Baha'is she came to admire and love

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Subject: Roxanna Saberi on NPR

GWD – Tune in to KPLU to hear Scott Simon interview Roxanna Saberi.  Mentions and praises imprisoned Baha’i women by name.  I’m guessing there is a lot about them in her new book.  Interesting how the official Iranian oppressors put them together! - T

I didn't catch the broadcast, but the audio podcast and transcript is up on the NPR website. -gw
Journalist Roxana Saberi spent four months in jail after being arrested in Iran. Host Scott Simon talks to Saberi about her new memoir, Between Two Worlds: My Life and Captivity in Iran and about the other prisoners she met while she was there. ...

SIMON: You were locked up with a group of people you came to admire and love.

Ms. SABERI: Yes. At first I was in solitary confinement for two weeks and then I was taken out of solitary confinement and put in another cell where there were two women, Mahvash and Fariba - they are two of the seven leaders of the minority Baha'i community. It's thought to be the largest non-Muslim religion in Iran, and they're still are in prison today. When I had first met them, I was surprised; I didnt know how people could've survived so long in one little cell. Mahvash had been in solitary confinement for six months and I had been going crazy after two weeks.

And Fariba had been in solitary confinement for four months and they had not seen their lawyers yet. And from them I learned many lessons of strength. They were pressured to make false confessions about themselves but they wouldnt agree to do it, even though they probably could've been freed that way.

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