Saturday, April 03, 2010

On Baha'i in Ghana: How we treat minorities reflects a lot about who we are

S/he went on to say "I also don't know that discrimination and prejudice is the preserve of only Christians in Ghana"

Today, I'd like us to revisit this conversation. But I'd like us to move away from talking about Christians in particular and look generally at how it feels to be a minority in Ghana. With particular focus on how it feels to be Baha'i. In subsequent posts, I'll get other minorities to write about their experiences.  As a people, how we treat minorities reflects a lot about who we are. That, after all, is what we do on this blog. We look at who Ghanaians are as a people. 

The post that follows was written by an old friend of mine. His name is Kofi. Kofi and I met when we were in secondary school (over 10 years ago) and in this post, he details his experiences as a Baha'i in Ghana.
The challenges that face us wherever we live in the world are in some ways the same. Take prejudice, for example. -gw

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