Thursday, March 18, 2010

On When the Helicopter Comes: The dead gonna wake and sing and roll their bones in the grass

It's gonna rain champagne and the hills are gonna dance.
There will be power in the blood when that helicopter comes.
The sky will swim in lightning fire and the trees will shake and scream.
Rocks gonna roll up hill and the sun will dive in the sea.
The dead gonna wake and sing and roll their bones in the grass.

There are certain songs on my iPod that are caricatures, postmodern tunes that make me smile, but also have relevance to my Baha'i world view. "When the Helicopter Comes" is one of those tunes. It answers the question, what will happen when Christ comes again? And He has. -gw

Artist: The Handsome Family

Album: In The Air

Song Notes: There should be more songs about Cargo Cults. For reals. This one is sort of an application of the cargo cult to the American South - sort of a Cargo Gospel song. It's really pretty cool, and it also takes a bit of an old baptist hymn and folds it in, too. Perhaps it's a bit of a future sound, after religions have all evolved and everything. Either way, though, I dig this one. - Rev. Syung Myung Me

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