Friday, March 05, 2010

On What Playing Music During Baha'i Devotions Can Do: Visual proof

 Bonita and Louis are not asleep.
Neither are Mel and Arlene.
 Nor is Peggy.
It's the music. I've brought my old speakers and put them sideways on the floor behind the lazyboys. The bass can be heard in your bones if that's where you're seated. The right song choices can touch the soul.
Tonight I read from Arlene's latest blog post on Weaner Pigs.
One time about ten or twenty years ago my friend BJ said something that astounded me at the time. "God helps everybody, not just people who believe in Him." I suppose it sounds really arrogant, but I had never thought of that.
I played a song between each prayer and then we were around the circle again for answers to the question, "What is in your heart?" As usual, there was a lot. -gw

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