Sunday, March 21, 2010

On Twitter Naw Ruz Updates: Easily more than 140 characters are extending you their greetings

 pedraum A late Naw-Ruz gift for my music-loving friends: well-shot concert video of Thom Yorke playing solo. #fb 5 minutes ago reply
 ashiyan Wonderful Naw Ruz party for Berkshire just finished. Work tomorrow and study circle in the evening in my new neighborhood in Reading. 6 hours ago reply
 fiveplusfour My first photo of the new year was (Naw Ruz) was of a fig tree and my first meal of the year was at Fig Restaurant at the Fairmony in SM.
robinmelin Busy family day with pancake breakfast, tennis, swimming,a bowling birthday bash and Naw-Ruz celebration in Lund. 9 hours ago reply
 haikudiaries As the sun rises, a new year greets us with a smile. Happy Naw-Ruz! #haiku 9 hours ago reply
 indigginus HAPPY NAW RUZ (new year) TO ALL!!! #nawruz 10 hours ago reply
 spitkitten Happy Naw-Ruz everybody (the Baha'i new year)! 11 hours ago reply
 mad_alchemist Happy Naw-Rúz! Tadiq, Persian dancing, and good time was had by all. 12 hours ago reply
 Libbyjoon Happy Naw Ruz! Let's start this year with energy and much more love than last one!!! 12 hours ago reply
 LauraHarley Very Happy Naw Ruz (Baha'i New Year) to all my Baha'i friends! Wishing you a year filled with joy, learning and growth!
 KatrinaFleming Happy Naw Ruz everyone! 46 minutes ago reply
 ghazieg Hope everyone had a joyous Naw-Ruz 2 hours ago reply
 Taxicr Great Naw-Ruz party tonight! Saw a hall director and Parviz had my favorite comment for the night: If you don't eat, Caitlin... We mind! Lol 3 hours ago reply
 theninestarshop Happy New Year! Happy Naw Ruz ! Happy Vernal Equinox. Our kids had an exciting morning hunting for hidden chocolate "Naw Ruz Eggs" Peace All 6 hours ago reply
 CoachBahieh blessing of the day: celebrating the persian and bahai New Year (Naw Ruz) with my family. my heart is full, I am happy. #blessings 7 hours ago reply
 mizzphashion i just got $20 bucks from my grandma for persian new year! (naw ruz) yeah!!! 7 hours ago reply
Twitter is a great place to be on a Baha'i Holy Day. Get greetings from allover the world, minute by minute. -gw

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