Monday, March 01, 2010

On My Ayyam-i-Ha Saturday: Chocolate greetings

Bonita and I agreed that Saturday would be my day out conveying Ayyam-i-Ha greetings. I had hoped to take in some Baha'i parties -- the roller skating in Vaughn, the Leaves of One Tree Children's Class Party in Gig Harbor, and then the Lakewood Ayyam-i-Ha "Stories" party. I only made it to the latter, but I had a great day seeing the friends.
I had a new van to drive -- what a thrill! It would be my greeting-mobile. I would take chocolate. How can you go wrong with chocolate?
I started out by visiting Charles at the Tacoma Invader's football practice.
We had a good long conversation. He has appreciated all the new Baha'i friends he has on Facebook, although he hasn't had much time to spend online of late.
His family also was there, including his 8 year-old son Trey. I invited them all to the Ayyam-i-Ha party in Pierce Penn, although they weren't able to make it.
Then I went by Polin's, but he wasn't home.
Then to Mary Ellen's.
While dinner for her and her son was cooking, we had a chance to catch up. I love her home with all of it's art objects, and her black doll collection.
Then out to try to meet a Baha'i newly arrived from Bolivia. Not home, although I would meet her and her husband later at the Lakewood party.
Then to Robert and Linda's. My chocolate treat choice was Linda's favorite, Robert said.
Then I went to BJs. So good to see BJ!
Then to Jamie's. Not home.
Then Peggy's. She was home! Applets and Cotlet's for Peggy. And a big hug from her.
Then to Barry's.
In the comfort and beauty of his living room, he told me about his going to his son's wedding in Hawaii, and all the drama just trying to get there. He said he was able to visit the grave of Martha Root and say her favorite prayer which he knows by heart, "From the sweet-scented streams..." We talked about his early morning walking regimen and the up-coming fast. Great to see Barry.
Then to the Lakewood party.

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