Wednesday, March 17, 2010

On Hummingbird, a Song Cycle: Amazing that it was one of the duo's biggest hits

They steeped their lyrics in their Baha'i religious faith, yet were skillful enough to keep their religion from tipping into preachiness on their biggest hits. Their strongest songs, like "Summer Breeze" and "We May Never Pass This Way Again," are instant memory bells for mid-seventies musical listeners.

They also had a secret weapon in producer guitarist Louie Shelton, who made all these songs come across as gentle and gentile. How could one not get the feeling of bliss from the easily accessible "Summer Breeze?" Or the joi de vivre of "When I Meet Them?" When one considers that "Hummingbird" is a song cycle in three parts, it is amazing to think that it was one of the duo's biggest hits and a marvel of production.

The 70's were a different time for music. It is still amazing to think of just how prominent Seals and Crofts became during that era. -gw

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