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On Digging Deeper for Tikkun Olam: The Baha'i faith reminds me so much of liberal Judaism

GWD – I sent the link about Burl Barer [http://bahaiviews.posterous.com/on-one-father-many-children-judaism-and-the-b] from the recent BV to my friend Dana.  He sent the following response.  - T


Thanks much for sending me the links!

The core values we share are exactly the same - that is why I think I told you once that the Baha'i faith reminds me so much of liberal Judaism – it’s a great, deep thing.  I think it would be a sad, small world if everyone thought exactly the same way about anything. I very much believe in the concept of Tikkun Olam - repairing the world. God could have easily made a perfect world but how much better it is that we work to make the world perfect - else why exist?

All these kinds of things are meat and potatoes for our Torah studies - in fact, that was one of the things that still hooks me, to this day, on being a Jew: the fact that we can draw out of our own tradition how to be a better human, one day at a time. My belief is that we are small shards of God, striving in our own unique ways to be re-united with the source of all being, and the more we honor that quest with all people of faith, the better the world will be for us and our descendents.

- Dana

Dana is a lover of klezmer music, as this review below of The Book of Klezmer: The History, The Music, The Folklore by Yale Strom on GoodReads would indicate. He is also a musician who has an electronic pop crossover album out called Dig Deeper pictured above.  -gw
Dana's review

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This indeed is an amazing book on just about all counts. The amount of research is tremendous the detail is fabulous and the writing and commentary, especially about modern Klezmer here in the US and in Israel is top notch. I leaned SO MUCH from this book. If you are interested in Klezmer, you just can't afford to miss this.

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