Monday, February 22, 2010

On New Original Songs From Elika: New harmonies and rhythms

From: Elika Mahony

I'm thrilled to be able to share 3 new, original songs with you that are unique from all the previous music I have released. The lyrics are all original and the style is a fusion between Pop, World Music and New Age.

The songs are entitled 'Edge of Forever', 'Missing You' and 'Listen '. Click on the song titles to read more about them on my blog. We decided to release the songs in batches, so rather than have to wait for the full album to be completed, you can get the songs online here:

I also just completed a project I've co-produced of spiritual Chinese songs called, 'Meditations of the Spirit'.Please feel free to share your feedback on these songs as I would love to hear your thoughts. Hearing your ideas and what you like will help us with future releases. You can comment on iTunes, on my blog, or just email me.

If you enjoy the songs, please share them with your friends! Many thanks for taking the time to listen and share your thoughts.


I love the new harmonies and rhythms behind Elika's passionate vocals on these latest tracks. -gw

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