Friday, January 29, 2010

On a Willingness to Learn: Walking Together With Junior Youth

Even in today's society, when one looks across cultures, the kinds of attributes that stand out as inherent to this period of life [between the ages of 12 an 14] are enthusiasm, willingness to learn, sense of justice and a tendency toward altruism. Our programs then need to assist junior youth to adopt lofty aims, to be inspired by noble thoughts, and to develop qualities and abilities that life of service to the Cause and to humanity will require of them. -- "To the animators," Walking Together With Junior Youth
Tonight at 9:30 eight of us gathered in our living room to discuss setting up one or two junior youth groups in the Hilltop. With us was a young woman who had been introduced to the idea of participating in this core activity by a door-to-door teaching team during the first weekend of our recent Baha'i expansion campaign and visited again by a young adult team with our Auxiliary Board member the second weekend. She came over tonight with her mother. It takes some courage to go to someone else's home to discuss even such a noble undertaking as starting such a group for the neighborhood, and this radiant soul has it.
That what we are attempting to do is something being done in so many other places in the world simultaneously is awesome. -gw

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