Friday, January 29, 2010

On Governing Ourselves With Justice: Bridging 'us and them'

"Friends from the other side"

Us and them. What would happen if were to embrace the other? We'd have unity.-gw

I’ve been thinking about the broader concept of “justice.” Here’s what I’ve concluded: There cannot be justice until people realize that there’s more than “just us” out there.

OK, I know that’s a play on words. But I think that the truth is within the similar-sounding words in our language. What if we made our decisions, planned our policies, governed ourselves and managed resources with the guiding principle being that it’s not “just us?”

Unity is the fundamental principle in the Bahá’í Faith. ... It makes sense to me that if we value the essential oneness of all rather than emphasize superficial differences then suitable actions can become apparent and justice can be achieved.

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