Saturday, January 02, 2010

On TUMBA Y QUEMA in Budapest and Salsa in Seoul: It's a Baha'i world

David Dely: Vocal, guitar, native flutes, percussion.
Claudia Andrade: Vocals,minor percussion
Shango Dely: Vocals,Congas, Djembe,Native Percussions.
Márton Takács: Colombian Native Percussion, timbals.
Norbert Kovács: Drum set.
Atilla Herr: Electric Bass.
Balint Kovács: Guitars.
Genre: Latin world afro colombian
Hometown: Budapest
Record Label: Chameleon records
Latin music in Budapest, Hungary. Unusual? Not at all. No more unusual than Portland,Oregon, being where the "Latin urban symphonic crossed with Cuban/Brazilian street Carnival parade" band Pink Martini is from. Or no more unusual than salsa dancing in Seoul by a Baha'i girl from South Carolina. This is a Baha'i world, isnt it? -gw
Truman was one of my great friends here in Seoul. Sadly he has left so I miss dancing with him. This is a video of us dancing after a class I taught.

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