Thursday, January 21, 2010

On More from Cluster 19's Intensive Teaching Campaign: Day 2 in pictures and videos

Here are the pictures from Day Two of our intensive expansion campaign both from before the friends headed out and after they returned. My experience teaching with Karen as my team partner was exquisite. Our door-to-door effort brought us into Josie's home, a deeply spiritual and dear grandmother, whose journey of investigation of the Baha'i Faith began with our visit.
These are video clips from the second day. Our numbers were smaller for our devotions and deepening in the morning, because many of the friends were supporting two simultaneous Baha'i devotionals, one at Tim & Deb's in Tacoma and one at Rocky's in Gig Harbor. Arlene went to support a presentation by Pattabi on Hinduism and the Baha'i Faith he was giving for a Jewish youth group at Temple Beth El.
The videos include excerpts from some stories by Marion drawn from her direct teaching in Guam and Alaska. Lisa describes her experiences in getting a children's class started in her home in Salishan. Arlene recounts her experience at Temple Beth El.


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