Friday, January 08, 2010

On Fear of Imminent Executions of Baha’is in Iran: The priests follow their true exemplar Yazid and spit in the faces of Hussein and Hassan

The current threat to Baha'is in Iran is a concern to human rights organizations all across the board, as their publications indicate, leading to great awareness and discussion generally among Baha'is and non-Baha'is alike. Here is Baha'i Jamshed K. Fozdar of Singapore's comment made to the post "Fear of Imminent Executions of Baha’is" on International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran. Jamshed is the author of The God of Buddha. -gw
Jamshed K.Fozdar
Jan 8, 2010 6:18

To any intelligent person who has understood one’s own religious history it should have been clear long ago that “the tree of religion is watered by the blood of martyrs” and it is counterproductive to kill in the name of religion. Irreligious people, while paying lip service to their faith through self-flagellation before TV cameras, by their acts however, follow their true exemplar Yazid and spit in the faces of Hussein and Hassan. History also teaches that Allah is not deceived by hypocrisy, nor is His wrath dispensed in “half measures”, but always in full perfection leaving no trace of His enemies — be they the priests of Pharaoh or Caiphas or Abu Jahl or Muhammadan mullahs — but alway, repeat always, Allah’s eternal wrath is reserved for THE PRIESTS, the true corrupters of God’s Message in every age and responsible for leading peoples astray by inciting brother against brother and nation to destroy nation, all for the sake of holding on to their earthly power and pelf wholly indifferent to the warning, that all the while Allah, in Whom they never had any faith, is patiently stoking for their arrival the “hell fire”, which God has created for no other purpose but for the clergy, for it is the clergy which keeps the followers ignorant and superstitious, mesmerizing them by their different hued apparel and head-ware like uniforms of army officers, to goad the dumb masses to slaughter and destroy by regarding God’s creation of one humanity, like different species of animals thus making His earth into a jungle. For humanity to be united and in peace the clergy must disappear. And it will. 

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