Saturday, January 09, 2010

On Beginning Our 18th Cycle of Growth: The friends were spot on schedule

Today the Baha'i friends in Cluster 19 WA inaugurated its 18th cycle of growth with an incredibly focused Reflection Meeting. Such gatherings in the past have typically ran hree hours or more. This go-around we conducted our consultation in just two. The friends were spot on schedule from beginning to end. They are getting good at the expansion process. You could say our capacity is growing by leaps and bounds. Next Saturday we start the nine days of our Intensive Phase, which will include two weekends of door-to-door teaching in the Hilltop and Salishan neighborhoods. Pierce Penninsula will be doing some door-to-door during the week. We are looking to expand out Community of Interest, building on the work that has been done during preceeding Intensive Programs of Growth. -gw

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