Thursday, January 14, 2010

On a Baha'i on Project Runway: She holds herself to the high standards of her faith

Hi George,

A Baha’i on our community, Pamela Ptak, is on Project Runway (reality based fashion show). She mentions the Baha’i Faith towards the end of this article, thought you might want to see it:

here’s the quote towards the end of the article:

While the invasiveness of reality TV may be daunting to some, Ptak has never much been bothered by others’ opinions about her, and as a Baha’i, she says she holds herself to the already high standards of her faith, leaving little room for anything that would paint her in a dubious light.

“If I did something like scratch myself inappropriately, that’s kind of a bummer that people would see that, but there’s really nothing in my life that I have shame about,” she says, nonetheless acknowledging that footage can be edited to change the tenor of certain situations. “You have to just be truthful to yourself. Don’t try to play an act.

“Be who you are,” she says, “and you’ll be accurately portrayed.”

I’m so excited for her, I hope she does well!

Thanks, Anne! -gw

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