Wednesday, December 23, 2009

On Posing the Question at Baha'i Study Circle, Are We Human or Are We Dancers: And Kim's Killer Cookies

Kim came over for Ruhi tonight. Rahmat, too, as usual. Deb who was going to tutor tonight with a special art project in mind, couldn't come; sick. Boo hoo. I played some Killers' "Human." It goes with "Reflections on the Life of the Spirit," I think. Bringing tunes to Ruhi is the extent of my creativity as a Ruhi tutor, I'm afraid. Thank goodness, Deb said she'd come next week.
(5 hours ago)  yes were humans!! not beasts! yes we search the light!!!!
up to the platform of surrender
I was brought but I was kind
and sometimes I get nervous
when I see an open door

close your eyes, clear your heart, cut the cord,

And then I posed their question...

are we human or are we dancers?

Answer: We're human dancers when we feed our souls with God's sustenance.
Kim brought cookies. Aren't they cute! -gw

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