Sunday, December 06, 2009

On the Devil Is a Voxxy Liar: We're children in love

Markal is a musician and a Baha'i. He plays with a blues band called Voxxy Vallejo. He called me up to ask me if I had listened yet to two songs by Seawind he had previously asked me to hear so I could add them to my music collection: "He Loves You " and the "Devil Is a Liar." I hadn't, but with his eager reminder, I did this evening. 
Listen to our laughter
We're children in love
We were brought together
By the good Lord up above
We are singing songs that echo
Themes of love for you
Just listen with all your heart
And you can sing them too
Christian-inspired Seawind is not a new group. Their debut album came out in 1976 and contained the hit song, "The Devil Is a Liar," which earned the group a Grammy Award Nomination for Best Arrangement Accompanying a Vocalist. They disbanded in 1982, but have done a recent reunion album. The devil is a liar and a metaphor.
Thanks, Markal, for the tunes. -gw

Bahá'ís have no belief in a devil as such. Bahá'u'lláh speaks of the "Satan of self" (Kitáb-í-Iqán), p. 72); thus we are responsible for our own behaviour.


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