Monday, December 07, 2009

On Bahá’í eBooks Publications: On portable devices to as wide an audience as possible and at no cost to the end user

This is a reason to go out and buy an iPhone, iPod Touch, a Blackberry, or an Android. -gw

Bahá’í eBooks Publications is a private initiative not associated with any Bahá’í institution or other publishing company. Its sole aim is to make the Bahá’í Sacred Writings available on portable devices to as wide an audience as possible and at no cost to the end user.

Initially, we have provided digitally formatted books for the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch (download ‘over the air’ from your device by pressing the eReader button for each book), Blackberry and other smart phones as well as Barnes & Noble’s Nook and the PC using the eReader software (download links are on the Home Page). Books in formats for other devices such as the Sony Reader and Amazon’s Kindle will be added shortly. If you have a particular device and wish to have our eBooks in an easily readable form for that device, please add your request in the comment section below.

It is also our aim to provide the formatted books in French, German and Spanish over the coming year. Other languages may be added over time.

The Sacred Writings are copyrighted by the Bahá’í International Community, and are used with its permission in our formatted books.

The formatting of the books available from this website is copyrighted by Bahá’í eBooks Publications and no creation of derivative works, copying, modification or re-distribution of the files is permitted.

This site will keep changing to reflect the ever growing eBook market, so please check back periodically and see what has been added.

Bahá’í eBooks Publications

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