Thursday, December 17, 2009

On Climate Change and Cooperation Between China and the EU: Baha'i interviewed

With the hot discussions aroused by the Copenhagen conference, the issue of China and the EU's cooperation in the new energy industries is also warming up. With changing climate, how will China and EU, two of the world's largest economies, work to strengthen their economic and trade ties? To what extent will the two sides contribute to curb global warming? When will the EU-China Partnership and Cooperation Agreement come out? Mr. Joerg Wuttke, President of the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China, and Mr. Yu Yuantang, Division Director for EU Affairs in the Ministry of Commerce, will share with us their opinions.
Mr. Wuttke, a Bahai, is interviewed. -gw
Mr. Wuttke became President of the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China in April 2007. He is also Chief Representative of BASF China, based in Beijing. He had worked with ABB for 11 years before he joined BASF in 1997. In fact his first professional encounter with China was in 1988 as the Finance and Administration Manager of ABB Beijing.

Mr. Wuttke is a Rotarian and a member of the European Bahai Business Foundation, a member of the advisory board of the Centre for International Business Ethics (CIBE) in Beijing and a member of the China advisory council of the Robert Bosch Foundation, Stuttgart, Germany.

Joerg Wuttke holds a BA in Business Administration and Economics from Mannheim and studied Chinese in Shanghai 1982 and in Taipei 1984-85.

A frequent speaker on business and industry issues in China, in 2005 he co-authored "The Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry in China" by Springer Publishing Trust. In 2008 he is featured in the book "My 30 years in China" as one of 13 prominent expatriates in China. People Daily's Special Book on "30 people reflect on 30 years China's Reform policy" features a long interview with Mr. Wuttke.

By People's Daily Online

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