Thursday, December 17, 2009

On the Baha'i Worldview at Copenhagen: Of course

Baha'is are at Copenhagen, of course. -gw
Acceptance of the ethical dimension of climate change has risen to a new level of importance in discussions at the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, say members of the Baha'i delegation.

"It is no longer just a small group that is talking about the moral and ethical dimensions of the issue – these ideas are becoming part of the discourse at Copenhagen," said Duncan Hanks, executive director of the Canadian Baha'i International Development Agency.

"We hear it from people at the podium, in discussions in the hallways, and we see it on banners saying things like 'Climate justice now,'" he said.

Peter Adriance, another member of the Baha'i delegation, said the focus on ethics and justice has also helped bring about a realization on the part of many at Copenhagen that climate change must be considered beyond the bounds of domestic politics

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