Saturday, November 14, 2009

On Strangers on the Shore No Longer: Sharing our spiritual insights on the eve of a Baha'i Holy Day.


Bonita, Peggy, Markal, Walter and I share our spiritual insights in our regular Thursday night home devotional featuring the arts on the evening of a Baha'i Holy Day. Walter presents five paintings recently completed.
One painting is with three of the friends who like to go fishing together in mind, Frederick, Robert and Rocky.
Another invokes Mauricio and his guitar.
A third is a painting where every side is up. What's up with that?
A fourth is inspired by Robert Carpenter.
A fifth is ... well, I call it the "Stranger on the Shore" painting, Walter another story.
Peggy offers testimony on what becoming a Baha'i has contributed to her life, a feeling of oneness with all people.
We share a round of prayers, interspersed with musical selections played off an iPod dock. The selections included "Stranger on the Shore" by Boots Randolph, and "I'm So Glad," by the Baha'i Gospel Choir, Markal singing along to the very end. As the friends were leaving, it was Boots music again, "You Can't Sit Down," a rather appropriate song for Baha'is, you know. -gw

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