Saturday, November 14, 2009

On It's Not the Apples, It's the Barrel: Creating the kind of neighborhood where people are likely to behave admirably

Cohen will appear at Theatre on the Square on Sunday night in Tacoma to discuss how to create the kind of neighborhoods, schools and businesses where people are likely to behave admirably. He’ll talk about his column that appears in The New York Times Magazine and The News Tribune on Sundays. He’ll answer questions from the audience, including the type of moral dilemmas he examines in his column.
This is from an article I read this morning in my local newspaper, the Tacoma News Tribune, by Debby Abe on "An Evening with Randy Cohen." The attention of Baha'is has been drawn in recent years to the importance of neighborhood community-building.
“It’s not the few bad apples that cause the problem,” Cohen said in an interview with The News Tribune. “It’s the barrel. If we want to get people to do the right thing, we should focus on building better neighborhoods. … You can create conditions where people tend to do the right thing and conditions where people do the wrong thing.”
Baha'is are all about improving conditions in their own neighborhoods through inviting their neighbors to participate in four activities that are at the core of all spiritual communities: children's classes, junior youth groups, devotional meetings, and study circles.-gw

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