Friday, October 23, 2009

On Where the Baha'i Practitioners Gather For Prayer in Antarctica: The guts and butts class used to be here

Perhaps I shouldn't be surprised that Baha'i prayers are being said in Anarctica, too. -gw

This is the Chapel of the Snows. It is where I do yoga 1-2 nights/week. There is a Catholic priest and a military chaplain, bible studies and even Baha'i practitioners gather here for prayer. The guts and butts class used to be here. Now they have that in the laundry room. Talk about crazy. All these people crammed into, that's right, a laundry room (think industrial size) doing an abdominal workout to Eminem between machines, boxes and piles of pillows. If I wasn't crying from the pain I'd be laughing at the oddity of it all.
Photo: Uploaded on June 4, 2004 by Guildo The Enforcer on flickr

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