Friday, October 23, 2009

On an African Birth of the Bab Celebration: The junior youth got up and started singing

Galen's blog entry on Uniting for Change is so incredibly rich in its descriptions of Baha'i activities in Ethiopia. I suspect the singing at the Birth of the Bab celebration mentioned below paralleled the exuberant singing of the video above. -gw
The Birth of the Bab celebration last night at the Amares was incredible. It was the most colourful and lively Baha’i celebration that I have been to. We got there and there was a beautiful huge carpet laid out inside the compound. There was a golden fabric hanging in a very African style pavilion covering the carpet. Around the edge of the carpet were several sofas and chairs. In the middle were two incredibly lush bouquets of roses. Around the edges was scattered long green grass sprinkled with rose petals. There was a small candle labara in the middle next to the roses. It was so beautiful; the setting was perfect and incredible. The sun was shining on the golden fabric leaving the area beneath in the cool shade. It was an amazing experience. There were some devotions, we all rose and faced Akka while some readings were read in Amharic, then there were some prayers in English and Amharic and some more readings. After that the junior youth got up and started singing with their beautiful and lively songs.

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