Tuesday, October 20, 2009

On So It Will Inevitably Be with the United States: Systems evolve to a higher order within the interconnectivity of the universe


America is changing. Inevitably. -gw

Ervin Laszlo, founder of Systems Philosophy and General Evolution Theory, advances that our notion of entropy, the process of progessive energy decay and disorder in nature, is overridden by a cosmic interconnectivity that reorganizes the energy in failed systems into a higher order within the interconnectivity of the universe. http://www.shiftinaction.com/discover/luminaries/ervin_laszlo

So it is with nations, as we continue to see in Mr. Ramakrishnan's example of Russia: the failure of the Soviet Union has not destroyed Russia, but has and continues to change it's relationship to the nations of the world.

So also will it inevitably be with the United States, that old ways of resource mongering and warring will of necessity give way to new forms of interaction with other nations and humanity. These transitions for Americans will be around issues of materiality and commerce as the highest goals of life. Given the complexities of economic, environmental and social problems facing us today, this reorganization will need to be more global in it's reach than our history has yet allowed.

Already we see that America is not the unipolar superpower of our last generation. This trend will continue as multi-polar points of power arise to define the new global hierarchy. That Barack Obama sees and articulates this transition, his recognition by luminary thinkers need not be seen as apocalyptic, but as consistent with evolving consciousness.


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