Tuesday, October 20, 2009

On Reflections on the Life of the Spirit: That's "Mawazo juu ya Maisha ya Roho" in Swahili

Going back to visit a Kenyan family on Sunday we had talked to on Saturday on the first day of our 17th Intensive Baha'i Program of Growth, we encountered a household full of 11 children receiving instruction on the Koran from their uncle. Also present was the radiant 25 year-old mother who had extended the invitation to return and her mother. The class included instruction in reading and writing Arabic, but these Kenyan immigrants speak Swahili. Our Auxiliary Board member was confident we could line up a Ruhi 1 book in Swahili. Within a day of our visit we had a copy at our disposal, thanks to our Regional Baha'i Council. We will be ready when we return to this blessed home. We have a children's class scheduled for immediately after the Koran class this coming Sunday.

Below is a video of a Baha'i children's class in Florida featuring a song in Swahili. -gw


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