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On Markal's Remarkable Spiritual Journey: Race, narcotics addiction, Mormonism, Christian church life, and becoming a Baha'i

Markal told the story of his spiritual journey in our home last Thursday. It is remarkable testimony. I was able to video tape almost all it all of it in clips which I have put up on YouTube. This is compelling and highly personal video, which Markal has given permission for me to post. The themes include overcoming narcotics addiction, being a Mormon of mixed-race, Christian church life, serving the suffering, and becoming a Baha'i. I believe you will find his story-telling absolutely fascinating. I know I did. Music is always a part of our Baha'i devotional meeting. It's interesting to note what songs were playing during each segment. -gw
Markal became a Baha'i earlier this year. Here at a Baha'i home devotional meeting, he starts to tell the story of his life. He is of mixed racial background. He previously was a Mormon, as was his father, and also was active in Christian churches of various denominations. He describes his connection to God that has accompanied on a journey through life that has often been difficult. A Dizzy Gillespie tune plays in the background at the beginning of the segment followed by "Black Mesa" by Lunar Drive.
Following in his father's footsteps: Markal as a Mormon Markal had a strained relationship with his father. Here he describes the good his father did as a Mormon and begins to tell how he came to join the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints following his father's footsteps. Playing the background of this video in the last half is "Ruz Bih Ruz (Little by Little)", a Baha'i children's song.
Mixed-Race and Mormon: A Chapter in Markal's Life 
In this clip Markal continues to tell his story, describing his problems with drugs, his participation in the Mormon Church, his friendship with Rocky, one of the few non-white LDS members in his stake, and his awareness that God could hear him whether he was in church or not. Markal brings his friend Reverend Robert "Rocky" Crockrell into the Faith. Flight of the Bumblebee plays incongruently in the background at the beginning of the segment, and a Yothu Yindi track at the end.
"I knew that I was trying to do something good"
Markal recalls being a "veil worker" in a Mormon temple. He describes how being in the Mormon church provided an alternative to a doing drugs and other "bad things" as he continued to search for truth.
Markal's Testimony About Christian Churches
Markal became a Baha'i earlier this year. He describes his observations from attending various Christian churches, what he saw and heard that led him to conclude that clergy could no longer guide him, as they were just as full of human foibles as he was. A song by Ladysmith Black Mambazu followed by "Sowing the Seeds of Love" by Tears for Fears play softly in the background.


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