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On Jack Lenz at the 2009 Baha'i SED Conference: Musical director

Performing Arts Presentations at the 2009 Bahá'í Conference on Social & Economic Development Jack Lenz (Canada) will again be lending his artistry and warm spirituality to the proceedings this year.  Additional artists will be joining him to lift our spirits with music and song each evening of the Conference as well as Sunday morning.
This year's December SED Conference in Florida has Jack Lenz on board. He has assisted previously. See Child of Africa's blog post on the 2007 conference which cites his efforts. (One of her videos is posted below.) Jack Lenz is Baha'i and he is accomplished.-gw
Jack Lenz is an acclaimed composer, producer and musical director who has composed music for motion pictures (Mel Gibson's $600 million U.S. blockbuster Passion of the Christ, Men With Brooms), television (Designer Guys, Little Mosque on the Prairie, Monk, Due South, Goosebumps, TV Movies-of-the-Week Céline and Don Cherry), documentaries, Canadian news programs, children's series and award shows. Lenz's prolific output on hundreds of prominent TV series and feature films has earned him numerous SOCAN, Gemini and SESAC Awards.

He's also composed the popular jingles "Thank You Very Much Milk" and "7UP - Are You Up For It?" and served as musical director for the Canadian Country Music Awards, The Genies and the YTV Youth Achievement Awards.

The Eston, Saskatchewan-born composer also co-wrote Major League Baseball's Toronto Blue Jays anthem "Okay Blue Jays."

Lenz Entertainment continues to produce innovative in-house series ranging from the two-time Gemini Award-winning PBS and CBC pre-school program Nanalan and Disney's Playhouse's Ooh, Aah & You to Nickelodeon and CBC's offbeat teen puppet series Mr. Meaty and YTV's animated Weird Years.

Earlier this summer, the company added a new Creature shop and recording studios to its holdings.

Lenz Entertainment's latest lifestyle for TV, Mansions, will debut on Canada's HGTV shortly, while an adult puppet series, Swami Jeff's Temple Of Wisdom, is currently in production for Teletoon.


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