Thursday, September 24, 2009

On a Well-Rounded Group:Our LDS missionary requested that we have some sort of Baha'i event before he leaves

 Logan, Utah In Fall = First light snow in high mountains and residual clouds from the storm on an early Sunday morning in Cache Valley, Utah, 21 October 2007. The Wellsille Mountains in the Wasatch Range of the Rocky Mountains form the background. Explore 21 October 2007, # 18.  Uploaded by Bachspics on flickr on 21 Oct 07, 11.19AM PDT.

In Logan Momma Skyla enjoys fellowship with what religions are available.-gw
We hosted tonight's fireside completely because our LDS missionary, Elder Mitchell, whom we have grown to love so very dearly, is slated to leave town for the next leg of his mission while we are out of town and he requested that we have some sort of Baha'i event before he leaves. The only way to fit it in was to have it on a weeknight, which is unusual for this community, but people rallied around and came anyway. We also had our friends Gail and Ned from the University, and a new friend, Susan, who had been spending lots of time with the Baha'i community in Ohio before moving here to Logan. All in all, thanks to Elder Mitchell's departure, we had a really well rounded group tonight.

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