Thursday, September 24, 2009

On the Religion of Jazz Musicians: Let's not take this into the forbidden zone

What's all that jazz about the Baha'i Faith?
The religion of jazz musicians, any interesting takes on this one? I know Diz and James Moody are Bahai- an amaglam of the three monotheistic religions.
let's not take this into the forbidden zone, but the Baha'i Faith is not an amalgam of anything, but rather the most recent of the revealed religions. see for more info.

in the jazz world, besides diz and james moody, singers flora purim, tierney sutton and vic damone, guitarist james finley, and composer/arranger russ garcia are Baha'is.
Eighty-seven year old jazz legend Clark Terry, in wheelchair, scats with 82 year old legend James Moody (still walking). They tore it up. 
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