Tuesday, April 01, 2008

On the Video "Ya Bahá'u'l-Abhá": It's about surrendering yourself to the positive

Ya Bahá'u'l-Abhá! -gw

I'm leaving you guys with a video of what has become my favorite song of all time.
it is by the Colombian singer Leonor Dely. I received this video today as a gift from a friend of mine. She knew how much I loved this song and I was shocked that she remembered me to send me this video. This song is titled "Invocation" (Ya Baha'u'l-Abha). A friend, a Baha'i, told me this song is about devoting yourself to Baha'u'l-Abha. I believe Ya Baha'u'l-Abha means "O Glory of the Most Gloriest." Leonor Dely is part of the Baha'i Faith. She takes Bahá'u'lláh's words/scripture and puts it into music and then this masterpiece comes out.

I am not part of the Baha'i faith, however, the music makes me feel I am part of the beauty that is Leonor's spirit thus the Baha'i spirit. I say this because the couple of people I know who are Baha'i are a couple of the most beautiful beings I have ever met, inside and out. My one Baha'i friend told me it makes him cry when he hears this piece. When I heard this I felt so much more connected to them as a person because they didn't know that my spirit flies whenever I listen to this gem.

Music does this...it trully connects the human spirits and peace is met for those few moments..

When I first saw this video earlier today, it made me cry because the beauty of Baha'i Temple which is shown here with the song in the background was just so overwhelming for me. I think also because of the personal things I've been going through, seeing this video with the music set the tone for me to cry... to release.. it felt good and painful at the same time....

I've been watching this video on repeat since I got it this afternoon! :)

Such a powerful piece if you just immerse yourself in the music with an open mind...

Although I don't practice the Baha'i faith, this song is also a positive song for me. It is about surrendering yourself to the positive, to life, to whatever sets your spirit to fly...whatever that may be...it's about unity...the oneness of you and life, the universe, the spirit...

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