Saturday, April 05, 2008

On Women, Faith, and Abuse: Lessons learned from the Baha'i religion

Baha'i Layli Miller-Muro is scheduled to be interviewed as part of a radio program on "Women, Faith, and Abuse" to be aired April 6th on 40 radio stations. Click here to listen live: Happily, all Interfaith Voices programs are also available as podcasts. Thanks to David for the heads-up on this. -gw

Women, Faith and Abuse - Begins at 22:59

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, so this week we take a look at the uneasy intersection between religion and sexual violence. How does faith exploit women...and how can it be a force to heal them? We begin with
Dr. Joy Schroeder, author of Dinah's Lament: The Biblical Legacy of Sexual Violence in Christian Interpretation. She says as far back as the third century, Christian scholars--most of whom were men--have interpreted Bible stories about rape to blame the victims.

Nicole Sotelo, author of Women Healing From Abuse: Meditations for Finding Peace, explains how scripture, which has so often been used to harm women, might begin to help them.

Layli Miller-Muro, a Baha'i woman and founder of the Tahirih Justice Center, shares the lessons she's learned from a religion which regards women and men as equals.
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