Saturday, April 05, 2008

On the Triumphant Conclusion to Tacoma's IPG: Let the consolidation begin

The Joseph extended family is our family. That's how the Baha'i Friends in Cluster 19 look at it. Betty's baby is surrounded with love. Betty herself had a chance to take in the love inherent in Anna's presentation during our teaching campaign.

We had a houseful Friday night. Here is little Toby with pony-tail in the kitchen with dear Nancy, our neighbor and Baha'i caterer for teaching project, our Auxiliary Board Member Shawn, Institute coordinator Deb, and half of Chris, our project coordinator.

Toby and Shannon and all the kids were on the way to Unity Works, the regional native gathering out at the Brighton Creek Baha'i Conference Center that takes place every six weeks. But first they were able to join us for dinner.

The younger children enjoyed playing with the Tinker Toys I had bought to have on hand when kids come over. Two youth sit under pictures of the three imprisioned Baha'i youth of Shiraz.

Saturday was a teaching day for us. Dyed-in-the-wool Baha'i teacher and septuagenarian Liliane was able to join us. Here getting a hug from his wife Debbie, Tim came over to pray for our efforts out on the chilly patio, hence the warm blankets. Seen sitting with my wife, Laurie came over with an Alaskan version of Anna's presentation to test out teaching. Our generals, Deb and Chris, poured over the spread sheet that contained the names of the dozens of potential members of our circle of interest, the sweet fruit from our door-to-door teaching efforts, before we discussed our Saturday strategies.

Last Sunday, the last day of our Intensive Teaching Program, was also the first day of consolidation. Last night I spoke with our new declarant, warm and welcoming Alisha, about having her children, ages 3 and 6, begin attending children's classes and set up a home visit on Wednesday mornings for her to continue her study of the Baha'i Faith through use of the deepening themes of Ruhi Book 2. Today I will do return visits to Hilltop homes. Our conslidation is off and running.

See pictures of Tacoma's IPG that are now up on the TEACHING.BAHAI.US website.

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