Sunday, April 06, 2008

On Religious Diversity: Kevin's walk takes him among nine religious traditions

Kevin has designed a new logo for his blog that includes the Baha'i 9-pointed star. -gw

The above logo satisfies several requirements at once: you see a guy with a backpack walking along, which we automatically associate with treks. You see red, white, and blue, which represents the United States of America. And you see nine symbols of various religions, which should imply, even to the casual observer, that the walker is somehow walking past or through or among these traditions.

Kevin is the author of a book on religious diversity. He...

currently lives and teaches in Seoul, South Korea. He is an ordained elder of the Presbyterian Church (USA), and holds degrees in French (BSLA, Georgetown University) as well as Religion and Culture (MA, Catholic University). Kevin's areas of interest include interreligious dialogue, philosophy of religion, philosophy of mind, Buddhist studies, and comparative religion.


Kevin said...

Thanks for the mention! The book is admittedly flawed, but I hope it can be the starting point for various discussions. It's also sorely lacking in anything substantive about the Baha'i faith, a problem I hope to rectify in later editions.

George Wesley Dannells said...

Glad to have you visit Baha'i Views and learn of your interest in including something about the Baha'i Faith in a future edition of your book.