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On Nicholas Being the Host: Rupa-rupanya the musical concert was about his religion, Baha'i

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A post by Alex in Melaka.
But first, a translation...
ஆங்கிலம்: Apparently
மலாய் translation: Nampaknya / Rupa-rupanya

Apparently the musical concert was about the Baha'i religion. -gw

As some of us knew...we were invited to Nicholas thong's house for some open hse and also 'musical concert'. At 1st, i was driving out to leave from my hse. Reachin the Bkt Beruang traffic light and received a missed call from Tzong meng (coz i was driving) . At the traffic light....waited and called him. Make a U-turn back to fetch him coz i aso abit sien driving there alone....and the weather was
RAINING quite HEAVILY. Reached there around 730pm (the initial time was 7pm) together with steph, her mom, teck and ester. Soonheng went to send bagi back home and reach here 1/2 hrs later.As usual.... Teckpeng who was holding soonheng's cam...
then had our food.... spaghetti and pizza. Nicholas being the host....din help out to serve us...LOL whereas his Baha'i fren served us. *bad huh*Well....every1 didnt know what the 'musical concert' was till the thing starts. Rupa-rupanya is about his religion, Baha'i.

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