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On the Panama Baha'i House of Worship and Mona: First came Martha Root and then came Baha'i-inspired schools

On Panama Travels: THE Panama information site - hotels, real estate, travel news and more, information about ... the Baha'i religion.

Why religion on a travel site? Because of the Panama Baha'i House of Worship. What struck the travel writer Cailey most about the work of Baha'is?

Because of the Baha'i-inspired Mona schools operating in the hinterlands of Panama. Thanks, Amy, for suggesting this site. -gw

How did Baha’i end up in Panama? A female Baha’i journalist by the name of Martha Root first came to Panama in 1919 spreading information about the religion. In 1946 an official Spiritual Assembly was created and progress occurred from there.

After researching a bit about Baha’i in Panama, what strikes me most is their outreach with the Ngabe-Bugle people. The Bahai’ community runs 10 schools in the region where they otherwise would not exist. These schools are only accessible by horseback or on foot. It seems as though the Mona Foundation has teamed up with the Baha’i run schools to help in a joint effort.

To learn more visit the following websites:
One of Seven: Baha’i Temple in Panama City, Panama "Dedicada a las poblaciones indígenas del continente americano la Casa de Adoración Bahá`í se alza sobre una colina dominando el océano Pacífico muy cerca de Ciudad de Panamá" Uploaded on November 17, 2007 by Francisco González/Spain on flickr

"Badi School: Pronunciamiento en contra de la pobreza y por los objetivos de desarrollo milenio" Uploaded on October 18, 2007 by Stand Up and Speak Out on flickr
Meeting with Ngobe-Bugle Teachers in Panama
Three teachers, a couple of parents and one very determined young boy of 12 crossed five mountains in the rain for nine hours and negotiated over three swollen rivers just to meet with us about their hearts desires for the children. Full Story

Please enjoy a brief 6 minute video of the Molejon people taken by Matthew Salton during the 2006 Mona Foundation visit: view video.

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