Monday, April 14, 2008

On Divine Phenomena: We accept any sign from God to encourage us in our way

Ethiopians looked to the sky and what did they see?

"The ring of light caused by sunlight refracted by ice crystals hung in the sky for almost an hour before it finally faded and disappeared."

Baha'i Views is the place to come for calamitous news of blight and other catastrophes, rings around the sun and other signs from God. Here we sit in wonderment, grateful to God. Thanks to Barmak Kusha for passing on this bit of news from his virtual stomping ground, Northeast Africa. -gw

Churchgoers who had flocked to see the visiting Patriarch of Alexandria, Pope Shenouda, acclaimed the phenomenon as a miracle, or at least a sign of a blessing from God.

Pope Shenouda himself believed it was a signal from above.
"We accept any sign from God to encourage us in our way," he said, "and confirm that we are going right in our way."

Abuna Paulos, the Patriarch of Ethiopia, added his voice to those who believe in signs from God.

"If God reveals himself from the sky," he told a press conference, "we believers do not get surprised. We only rejoice and double our efforts to thank God. Thank you, God, for revealing a sign."

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